If your company is sea ready. We can put wind in your sails!

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Sea Side Group was founded in 2004 by 7 successful entrepreneurs and business men. The group represents a omega replica sale wealth of experience accumulated over years in both privately held companies and listed corporations. The founders have experience ranging from business management, strategic growth, international expansion to mergers and acquisitions and venture capital.

Sea Side Groups objective is to make investments where the partners can make an active contribution. We participate in strengthening their business strategy, replica watches sale start international expansion and help them manage a healthy growth. Focusing on increasing revenue and profits for the companies.

Sea Side Group is investing in and building a portfolio of companies operating in the Healthcare and IT space. We look for companies with a relative mature product portfolio and a solid customer base. Their products and offerings must be scalable and have an international potential. We also invest in rolex replica uk companies in nitch markets with a strong position in timely new products or services, serving a large, established customrebase.


Sea Side Group, Email: info@seasidegroup.se, tel. +46 (0)8 585 2565, Post: Box 1237, 132 82  Stockholm, Sweden